Are you looking for a more professional look than screen printing? Embroidery is the way to go. Embroidery is the process of stitching your design or logo directly onto your garment. If you need custom embroidery, there is a one time fee to get your logo digitized, which is a file which our embroidery machine reads to sew out your design. We are then able to put your garment onto our commercial embroidery machine to be embroidered. Embroidery is great for multi-colored designs or logos, and it is also great for monogramming names to give your apparel a personal touch. There is no minimum to embroider an item, and we are able to embroider on many different items ranging from polos, to dress shirts caps, jackets, back packs and gift items.

What needs digitizing?
If your logo or design is custom, many times there will be a one time fee for digitizing. Once we get your logo digitized, we keep it on file and you will not have to pay for the file each time. There is no digitizing fee for text, monograms or stock designs. We can match fonts and typeset anything without a any setup fees. We also have a large collection of stock designs, which can be used without a setup fee.

Costs of Embroidery
For the most part we try to keep our embroidery fees to a fixed amount, however, we also take into consideration the size and stitch count. Even though a logo may be a small size it can have a large stitch count which would incur additional fees. For large full size embroidery, the cost of the embroidery and the setup go up, however, we are able to give you an estimated stitch count before you place your order.

Minimum Quantity
No minimum

Production Time
1-3 business days

Begins at $5 for items bought in ShirtTales
Begins at $10 for items brought in
What affects the cost?
Cost of the garment
Amount of stitches in the design
Amount of embroidered locations
Digitizing setup fee for custom logos (1 time fee)

Not charged per color, so embroidery is great for multi-colored logos
Threads will not fade
Threads will not come loose with washings
Achieve a professional look on polos, dress shirts, caps and jackets

Can not produce photo realistic images, shading, or gradients