Screen Printing


Screen printing is the best way to print a t-shirt. Screen printing a t-shirt provides durability that will last as long as the garment does using vivid inks that won’t fade.    Our in-house art department will create your very own, unique design.  Just describe what you want and we will email a proof for approval. This traditional, yet tried and true, process has and most likely will always be the best way to print a t-shirt. Screen printing, also known as silk-screen printing, is the process of pushing plastisol ink through a screen directly onto the garment and then curing with high heat.  We can print simple one color designs, or multi-colored designs, with a maximum of 4 colors. With this process, each screen is a color, so a 4 color print would have 4 different screens to hold each color. Each color is applied to the garment one color at a time. Screen printing is both economical and awesome.

Minimum Quantity
We have a minimum of 12 shirts for a screen printing order. If you need less, we recommend another method, which is more cost effective in smaller quantities.

Production Time
7-14 business days

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What Affects the Cost?
Cost of the garment
Quantity ordered
Amount of colors in the design
Amount of print locations
Garment & Ink color

Cheaper than other print methods at higher quantities
Can achieve vivid colors
Able to withstand many washings